A War to End No Wars, started its life in 2009 as a planned tribute to my Grandfather who passed away earlier that year. Initially, the story was to start in the Trenches of the First World War, following the same puppet which would then go on to be used as various generations of one family fighting in the Second World War through to a modern day war, such as the war in Afghanistan or Iraq.

As I started researching WW1, I became increasingly fascinated by this era of modern warfare and more specifically the Somme region of France and so it became apparent that I would stick to creating an animated short based entirely on the First World War.

A War to End No Wars, has taken 8 years (on and off) to complete. It has been a hobby project that has, at times, been frustrating but mostly a joy to create.

I have had no training whatsoever in the animation industry and as such the animation may seem quite crude to a professional. All you see has been self-taught, either by trial and error or by the aid of on-line self-help tutorials.

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